How to get rid of Stolich ransomware from the PC

Stolich ransomware is a dangerous threat that comes in the category of ransomware family. It is mainly created by cyber criminals with only motive to extort money from innocent users. It is developed in the EDA2 open-source malware family. Once it enters, it will scan your whole system and encrypts your useful file and demand ransom for its decryption key. It uses the combination of AES-256, RSA and other encryption algorithm to encrypt the file. After encryption, it will display a ransom note on the computer screen in the form of TEXT or HTML format. According to ransom note, Stolich ransomware contains short message about encrypted files and payment method to buy decryption key. It also warns users that if you not make payment in given time and want to delete this virus from system then you will lose your file permanently.

Stolich ransomware
Stolich ransomware is mainly distributed through spam email attachments, via exploit kit, freeware and shareware download, peer-to-peer sharing of network, visiting malicious sites like porn and torrent sites and many more. It demands ransom in the form of Bitcoins to their related email address. It also suggests users that without decryption key decryption is impossible. The decryption key is stored in the server of cyber criminals. After infiltration, it makes new entries in Window Registry and allows other malware infections into the system. It can also block Window firewall and other security programs to be undetected. This virus is so nasty that it can collect your privacy and them to cyber criminals for misuse.

Users get scared after getting ransom messages and some of them are agree to make payment. Beware of this, if you make payment then you will automatically connect to cyber criminals and they will monitor your online activities. It is hardly advised that never pay money to the cyber criminals because it is not sure that you will successfully receive decryption key after make payment. Try to recover your file using backup and recovery tools and remove Stolich ransomware from the PC as soon as possible.


Here is some possible cause of Stolich ransomware infection.

  • If the system antivirus tool is not updated, the PC may get infected with Stolich ransomware malware.
  • Stolich ransomware will also gain access of your computer and get installed automatically if the PC is not secured with good administrator password. Once the virus get entry into PC, it starts severe corruption as well.
  • If you are using external storage devices including pen drive, memory card etc using USB port, there may be a changes of infection as well.
  • By visit malevolent website or watching videos, movies, and playing games from malignant resources, It is quite possible that the PC get infected with Stolich ransomware as well.
  • Sharing of unauthenticated file via Bluetooth can also be a reason of PC infection.

Get rid of Stolich ransomware virus by using Manual Removal Method

If your PC got infected with Stolich ransomware threat and you are experiencing many problems due to this then nothing to worry, below steps will show you, how to remove this notorious virus infection from computer using manual Removal method. To remove this virus from PC safely you just need to follow the instructions of manual method step by step carefully.

  • First of all, Start your PC in safe mode and networking by pressing F8 button,then by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Del launch the task manager, and kill the process of Stolich ransomware. Once the action is completed, malicious activities will be stopped automatically.


  • In next step you need to uninstall Stolich ransomware program which had been installed automatically from the PC. TO remove it first Open control panel in your computer, and uninstall all unknown programs or related to Stolich ransomware programs from PC.


  • Then Open the registry editor with the “regedit” command and search for the related Stolich ransomware infected registry entries and remove this infected entries from PC carefully.


All the above process help you in order to get rid of from this nasty malware very easily.

Automatic Stolich ransomware Removal Tool

Stolich ransomware virus is another most dangerous virus for PC, it not only infects the PC drastically but corrupt or damaged your important computer data or files. Apart this noxious activities it also designed to trace the browser and system activities of computer and after gathering your personal or confidential information, it delivers to cyber criminals which can make you harm financially. But now with Automatic Stolich ransomware Removal Tool you can easily remove this nasty virus very easily. This tool is created with advanced scanning algorithm and removal technique to perform better than other. It scans deeply the whole PC and remove Stolich ransomware virus completely from computer. Not only that,it also pretend your PC as well for further virus attacks.


User Guide

Step 1- First you have to download and install Automatic Stolich ransomware Removal tool to PC with installation wizard. When the tool get installed completely, launch the application, After launching a Start up window appears in screen. Select the scan button to scan PC.


Step 2- When scanning process is completed it detects the infection. You can see these infection with description as well. Delete this threat from PC with this Removal tool immediately.


Step 3- “Spyware Help Desk” an in-built software feature. It is used to detect the invading spyware and malwares.


Step 4- Now, to block all the spiteful threats from entering the PC use “ System Guard” and make the PC completely safe and secure.




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